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Be an amazing 1st/2nd grade teacher

AND have a life!

With the right resources and support, you can finish your literacy block plans in 2 hours or less per week - and cross “school prep” off your weekend “to do” list!
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Do you...

😭 Leave school exhausted after a 10+ hour day, your to-do list still unfinished?
😭 Fall down a Pinterest rabbit hole searching for activity ideas?
😭 Feel guilty about not having enough time to spend with your family and friends, much less time for yourself
😭 Dream of the days when you had time for a workout that wasn't lifting your heavy teacher bag?
😭 Feel like it's impossible to be a great teacher and still have a LIFE?

I know. It STINKS to feel this way.

But it does NOT mean you're a bad teacher, or that you're doing something wrong.


In fact, I bet you’re a really dedicated teacher.
You want your students to score well on their assessments.
You want to create developmentally appropriate, fun lessons — so that your kids come in smiling every morning!!
But the amount of time it takes to pull all this off has got you feeling stressed, overwhelmed — and maybe even questioning if this is REALLY the job you were meant to do.

How do I know this?

Because I’ve been there. 

I’ve spent too many nights lying awake, unable to turn my brain off because I have SO many things to do at school the next day.

And I’ve felt like I was failing my students. Even though I was arriving early and leaving late, I was just doing the bare minimum to get by each day.

Thankfully, I don’t feel this way anymore.

And I don’t want you to, either.


Overwhelm may be your current reality, but it DOESN’T have to be your future.


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Introducing the First & Second Grade Literacy Club

The place for teachers who want their students to grow into successful readers - but who also don’t want to work hours and hours of unpaid overtime.
As a club member, you’ll have professional development webinars at your fingertips. New monthly reading passages and lesson plans for your small groups. Independent activities for students to work on while you pull small groups. A supportive community of 1st and 2nd grade teachers who totally get where you’re coming from!
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“I was printing lessons from the first grade literacy club last week, and I kept thinking how grateful I was that someone already did the hard work of creating these lessons for me.”

"From one teacher to another, I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate you and your dedication to helping all of us teachers. You have personally made a difference in my classroom with all the wonderful resources you have provided. You've become a staple resource in my classroom and I am happy to continue supporting you. Thank you so much for everything you've done and will continue to do."

- Ashley, 1st Grade teacher and 1st & 2nd Grade Literacy Club member


🥳 You’ll have time to make a weekday dinner that comes from the oven, not from the drive-through window.
🥳 You’ll have time to take your kids or dog to the park (on a WEEKDAY!!).
🥳 You’ll spend your Sunday afternoons watching football, or reading, or…doing, well, whatever YOU want!

And don’t feel selfish for even ONE second for wanting these things. A well-rested, happy teacher is an effective teacher!


You deserve this. Your students deserve this.

What’s included in a First & Second Grade Literacy Club membership?

Each month, you’ll get…

15 reading passages and small group lesson plans

Save time with ready-to-print fiction and nonfiction highly-decodable passages at different difficulty levels! Each passage comes with audio for listening, comprehension questions, a writing prompt, and a small group lesson plan.

19 differentiated literacy activities

Have your independent work prep done in a snap with phonics games, phonics and fluency passages, high-frequency word games, writing, and grammar!

1 private Q&A Zoom call

Get personalized support with your teaching - and answers to your burning questions! Join in live or watch the recording later.

1 professional development training

Continue growing as a teacher with a pre-recorded mini-session (and PD certificate) that you can watch whenever your schedule allows!

"I have been teaching TK/Kinder for almost 10 years. This is my first year at a new school that is 70% EL. I joined this club for fresh ideas and new materials I wouldn't have to spend time searching for."

"I recently had a parent want to come in and observe because "her daughter told her school wasnt challenging anymore." I wanted to make sure my activities had obviously leveled activities. All I had to do was go to the site and print! I was ready in no time. Even for experienced teachers this club has great things to offer."

- Theresa

Plus, you’ll also get:

✔️ Roadmap to Reduce Your Unpaid Working Hours in 3 Weeks

✔️ Small Group Time-Saving Toolkit

✔️ Intervention Toolkit for Lower Learners

✔️ Access to an exclusive, private Facebook group where you get support and ideas from other 1st & 2nd grade teachers

✔️ Extras like sound wall printables, assessments, teacher organization tools, special bonuses, surprises, and more!

Take a quick peek inside the First & Second Grade Literacy Club!

Take a quick peek inside the First & Second Grade Literacy Club!


"The First and Second Grade Literacy Club is the perfect supplement for any teacher to up their literacy instruction. My students love the leveled monthly passages, and I love catching up on the recorded ones available through the website. I have used the Intervention Central resources to differentiate for individual students and small groups. I really can't say enough about the amazing resources and like-minded community!"

- Maria

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"My students LOVE these passages and activities and I LOVE that they are differentiated and new each month. This is such a wonderful resource and very supportive group!!"

- Erica

Meet Alison

Hey, I’m Alison! I've worked in schools since 2005, and most of my experience is in the primary grades. As a literacy specialist, helping teachers is my passion - because I’ve struggled HARD in the past, and I want you to have a better work-life balance.

Who is this perfect for?

A club membership is ideal for any teacher who wants to save time AND deliver outstanding reading and writing instruction.
It’s for new teachers AND veteran teachers. (Whether you’re new to the profession or have tons of experience, everyone needs fresh ideas and support!)

Who is this not perfect for?

A club membership is not recommended for teachers of grades other than 1st & 2nd.
This may not be a good fit for you if you need teaching materials in Spanish, Australian English, or another language. All materials will be provided in U.S. English, and some will not be editable.
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Frequently Asked Questions

About the First & Second Grade Literacy Club
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